lunes, 7 de julio de 2008


Hey there!its been a while since i did my last post but it has been a really crazy and good week.Bread and Butter arrived to Barcelona once again and you know what that means...crazyness everywhere, "cool people", lots of parties, lots of show rooms and bla bla...actualy, means lot of work behind the scene!!
Anyways i missed most of it as i had a free trip to Munich and Prague with some of my coworkers to visit the AMF workhouse and it was an awesome trip, with great weather, some funny stories and good memories...did i say it was all free!!??
So tomorrow i will post pics from the trip and pics from the Bread and Butter parties i went to and some of the cool people i meet, the new friends we made...and show you the way we do it baby!

In the meantime i will post few pictures from the Insa "dirty cash" exhibition...i totally dig this paitings. They are sensual, colorfull and totally awesome, check it out and enjoy:

ps: tomorrow tons of new pics from my trip and the parties!keep tune
ps2: soundtrack of this post...CONFRONT "one life drug free" (listen to real street music!!)

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