jueves, 31 de julio de 2008


Hey there,
sorry for the lack of posts but my internet aint working, which sucks, but ill be back as soon as possible.
Anyways, ill try to update this week from my office!!yeah i do work!
So here are some news:

1- i got a new digital camera, myu new baby, so now u can expect some new pictures from parties, weekend bbq, kicks, more training sessions, architecture and more stuff...

2- Stick to the blog: Yeah these are few blogs you should keep an eye on, becuase they rule, they are interesting, they are my friends..

LTW tattoo blog:
If you are into tattoos and you live in the Barcelona area, check the best store with the best artist in town, best ink from the best guys.

Julio OCTW:
My best friend's blog, with lots of fashion hating, always the first in sneakers news, pictures from our parties, he takes care of bussiness and OCTW singer


Mis Zapas blog:
Done by our good friend "Buba", he always keeps us inform with the best news for sneakers in Barcelona and outside!!Just blog it!hehe


Flavio Rodriguez blog:
Our friend Flavio started his new blog for some time now, go and check it for hip hop, r&b new, cool music videos...Good dude, better musician, you wont be dissapointed!!bosssss