jueves, 10 de julio de 2008


So before the day was over we went to Baviera to spend the night becase the factory we were going to visit was next to the city. We stayed at a small town rustic hotel, actually pretty nice and confortable. Moreover, after most of the day in the AMF factory we went back to the bus straight to Prague.

we slept pretty much


view from the bus window....amazing landscapes


and then we stopped...and wait...and wait...

so i went to see what was going on....a tractor accident in the middle of the road

they pretend they were pro....Grisom, where are you??

while we waited for at least 2.5 hours in the middle of nowhere i decided to take some "national geographic style" pictures

we did arrive to Baviera, hotel was great, dinner was nice,outside,good food and i always act silly...

The next day we went to AMF's factory. This the real reason why we got a free ticket, to get to know better their product, know how they do it but for obvious secret industry code i wasnt allowed to take pictures inside the factory. But i could take pics from the Forum

yeah...they do cealing's stuff. it was really interesting

After lunch back to the bus....Prague here we go!!but we slept again!!

Helena and a crazy green background

Nico, the colombian cartel

Italian job...Nico likes teddie bears...


i told you, here really likes teddies....no comments!

long trip but we make it to Prague

more or less what you could see from my window

we went out for dinner and bread looks funny in Prague

why the size of my water has to be so small???

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Melody dijo...

you know what those catedrales remind me of........ barcelona! hehehehe i'm just trying to run it in that you haven't send me any pics of my beloved barcelona. *sniff* i am SO jealous that you got to go to germany and Prague!