lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2009


Because you are the light in my darkness...i love to see you bright!!
and become my shooting star...

Par-par-par...par-par-party rock L-M-F-A-O
Shake that
Move that
Shake that
We like to party rock and we came to lose control
Shake that

Came to keep the party people dancing cuz we (L-M-F-A-O)
Well Im Redfoo & Im Sky Blu & we brought some friends along (Shake that)
Young Boss Kenvin Rudolf & Pitbull they gon' help you sing this song

I love just who you are,
I ain't gon try to change ya
You are a shooting star
Thats why you are my favorite

I caught her when she fell from heaven,
One to ten, baby girl's an eleven
And I ain't tryin to spit no game
But I'm tryin to figure out from where you came
Because a star like hers,
Man, it rarely occurs in a world like this
Only way you ever meet a girl like this
Get up in a spaceship and take that trip
We kinda have a way with words
We even start a convo to get at her
Every other (shake that) becomes a blur
Be my mistress, I'll be your sir
I love her the way she is
the way she are, my shooting star
and I pray that you never change
Never ever change
Just stay the same cuz ...

I love just who you are
I ain't gon try to change ya
You are a shootin star
Thats why you are my favorite

Look up in the sky
It's a bird it's a plane
Nah baby girl
thats a shooting star with your name
I ain't gonna lie

I've told a lot of lies and played a lot of games
But with you it's not the same
For you, Im'ma ride
I want you by my side

I feel like them ghetto boys (She playin with my mind)
Im'ma tell you one more time (She playin with my mind)
For you Im'ma grind

You were there through the pain
You stood right by me
thanks to you I survived

I guess it's true what they say
Love is blind
We together til the day that we die
Until death do us apart
Baby you my heart

They can take all the houses and the cars
But they'll never take my shootin star

I love just who you are,
I ain't gon try to change ya
You are a shooting star
Thats why you are my favorite

Shake that
Move that Shake that
Shake that
Move that Shake that

I love just who you are,
I ain't gon try to change ya
You are a shooting star
Thats why you are my favorite.

Here the video of the song:

martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009


Special plants are those that are able to make you feel special, can make your day, great for those days you feel blue and down, take a look at the plants, the flowers that some how means something to you and there you are, a small smile shows up on your face...

i do have my special plant too, they remind me someone special, some Masterpiece i have on my life...mines are called Guzmanias. Funny name but an awesome indoor plant that can be a 1meter tall with different colors.

jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009


I know i havent been updating that much...but here are a bunch of pics that will resume all the stuff ive been into for the past weeks, we had Halloween party at Buba's place, i turned 29 and i survived, and i even went to Bilbao to fight at a Open bjj Championship...
Halloween party at Buba's...silly outfits

Nice....italian-veggie bday dinner

My partner in crime, Masterpiece, celebrating the silver medal.

Aranha team...bjj bitches!!

Norma, my nº 1

miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2009


Its been a long time with since my last post, long time with no updates, i guess i wasnt in the mood or i didnt have time for it...but im back, hopefuly better than before, with more energy and more cool updates to come...

Today, few pics about the real Rock 'n Rolla spirit with my partner in crime...

domingo, 22 de marzo de 2009


Today be there, support the sport, support the fighters, support the teams and enjoy the show!!

All the info here

martes, 20 de enero de 2009


Hey everybody!
Are you ready?
Because its gonna be a crazy and wild week here in "Barcelona Nation"...its the Bread&Butter!!
So if you dont wanna loose the coolest parties, best music, best sneakers and of course your best freinds and worse enemies...check out the flyers!there is where you will find us all!!

Let's rumble wild!!

lunes, 5 de enero de 2009


The first post of the new year

Its King's night... so you better have been a good boy.

As ive been a really good one i would suggest them to get me some new kicks to be able to rock this new year!

im a size 12 thanx,hehe..

Nike Air Max Light-white grey obsidian

Nike Air Max1-white-black-varsity-red-i-love-tb

Air Max1 - white and black, so classy!

Air Max1 - sample black-white-varisity-red