martes, 5 de agosto de 2008


Summer time is here...its super hot, everybody is wearing short clothes, everybody is partying wild...the beach, fresh drinks...well you know, summer time.
But today is my last day of work, i cant wait to get out of the office,hehe...
Summertime here i go!!
Before most of my colegues from work left for holidays we did our farewell summer dinner!i have to admit i wasnt very sure if i was gonna have fun or not, but, damn!that was a fun night! Also it was a special night as one of our good friends and coworkers was leaving the studio, got a better offer and she cant say from my little spot im sending her the best wishes for this new adventure she is about to begin.
Goodbye Agnes!!

She always took care of us, alsways a big smile to everyone...we gonna miss her!
Anyways, here are the pics from that night. We went out for dinner, we partied and we had to go to work next day (that was a bad idea).

The restaurant before all started

For once in my life i wasnt late and i was one of the first to arrive

Let me introduce you to my coworkers: Alba, me, Estanis, Juan, Lore, Camila (aka Nelly Furtado) and Dani...

He is a cool dude actually...


i took the only artistic picture from that night...

Not her best pic...catching corn move mode pic

she gets the guys attention

yeah we were about 36 people there...

one million dollar baby?

Nico (the colombian night hunter) and Lisa (the italian job)

there was some love sharing


we got her a nice present

Freixent and us want to wish you felices vacaciones!!

After dinner we decided to go picture

happyness??or too many drinks??

Went to Buda Bar...and Alba was happy all night

i mean really happy, hehe

more love sharing

me and the colombian connection....the miami vice smile??ya tu sabes...hehe

no comment...ricard was possessed by some happy demon

dance baby dance

the bossssss....the real one!

edu& portrait pic??


lunes, 4 de agosto de 2008


its been on my mind all day...
good?i have to say yes again

here is the video for Kate Perry's song " i kissed a gilr"