viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010


Hey there all!!
im back from my cousins wedding in London!it was a beautiful wedding covered up in white snow that gave a special flavour for a special day!
Im posting few pictures from the weekend!! i would like to thank and congrat to Guy & Dom, and the rest of family, Marc, Louise, Claire...

jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010


I saw this add on tv the other day...and man!!i just think is amazing, its short, intense and the ending message is awesome, gets under your skin and makes you feel, it motivates you, or at least it work with me! its for my spanish followers thou... but the message is:

Our rival is very strong.... but our love for him is even stronger...


Damn right!!i can't wait to see this movie, TRON: THE LEGACY, i remember watching the first one on the late 80's or early 90's,not sure enough...but i was amused by this movie when i was a kid. Probably the first futuristic movie and one of the best at that time.

Let's be ready for TRON....


Ok more i said before lots of different things have happened, first of all i got fired, so i lost my job, due to this fucking crisis situation that it's killing all of us realy slowly, choking us all. So right now im at some tought personal moment, struggleling with my old job, fighting to get paid some fair money...but this is taking longer that i expected and isnt helping my concentration and focus on my final project that i definlty need to finnish asap!! but right now i need some air, probably some security also, so i can re-focus again on my project and open all those doors that are waiting for me somewhere, everywhere..
In the other hand, the good news are that i lost almost 10 kg...and im finally under the psychology barrier of the 100kg ...i was 99.5 kg this morning and keep going down until i get to 90kg. That means that for my next championship in Lisbon, the European one i will be 2 categories below i used to be, hopefuly i will become a lightheavyweight...step by step...

Anyway, i wanted to dedicated this post to someone who use to be my MasterPiece, we got separate paths, but still close to me somehow... becuase this weekend in Barcelona there are somoe good shows, special ones for Masterpiece as on Saturday is 30 seconds to Mars playing in Palau Sant Jordi club and on Sunday is La Mala Rodriguez ,in sala Apolo, another special show for sure...unfortunately i won't be here this weekend as im flying tomorrow Friday, to London , visiting my irish and british family as my cousin Dom is getting married in Wimbeldon....good luck with that one Dom!

So these two videos are for you tonight:


Hey's been time again since the last time i updated this blog! well a lot has been going on these past months...not all good but i will telling you little by little.
I am posting a video from my firts fight the I Open Aranha done like a month ago, were i actually did a good fight, ending with a side lapel choke, one of my favourite submissions...but the best from the fight was the way i felt, i was able to get the takedown, pass guard, and did some good transitions from mount to triangle choke to omoplata and ending up getting the back of my oponent... so pretty happy of that.
Moreover, this good feeling and work it wouldn't be possible without my great team mates and my Master Yan Cabral...thank you all!!

I hope you enjoy the video: