lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011


Back again, this time to show you my last week's playlist, some new tunes, some no so new and songs i can't take out of my head. I hope you will like them too.

- LEE FIELDS "Ladies"
Thanks to my homie Flavio Rodriguez, who introduced me to this amazing song, i don't know why but i got this one on repeat for a while now...

-COLDPLAY "Paradise"
They are back, and probably this one will be the best song from their new album "Mylo Xyloto" ...Great song and interesting video.

-VANESSA DA MATA ft. BEN HARPER " Boa Sorte/Good luck"
If you like brazilian classy music and you like Ben Harper, you will dig this one for sure, also on my repeat mp3, soft, good melody, great voices... we all need good luck!

-FRANK OCEAN "We all try"
Ok i have to confess im starting to be obsessed with Frank Ocean, i am listening to his album "Nostalgia,ultra" on and on, each song is worth it, but this could be my favourite one. But check all the other songs, you won't regreat it, amazing r&b,hip hop...

-THE WEEKND " The Knowing"
The Weeknd, is also one of my new discoveries, props to Flavio again, i love the atmosphera that the band creates on each song, plus also the video is worth seeing, you going to enjoy this one.

-THE XX "Crystalised"
I heard that they will be playing in Barcelona soon with Jamie Woon, thinking about maybe going to see them alive. Interesting band, nice tunes, great voice...perfect soundtrack for when im working.

-ACROSS FIVE APRILS "A year from now"
You never were just an option... A song with a story behind...

jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011


Hey there, it's been a while since i posted here, i taking my time, hehe...So im back with few updates for y'all.

As you may know last November 5th it was my birthday, and how did i celebrate it??party?not yet...went to Madrid for a bjj competition, my first one as a purple belt, and i am very happy to say that i won my weightclass (superheavy, one less than the last time and keep going down!). I fought against a good friend of mine from North of Spain, big and super strong guy...we had fought several times in the past, and he always beat me, but this time i did a more strategic fight...and i got the victory by points.

It was lot of fun to hang out there with my team mates and other friends from other teams from around Spain...big shout out to people like Quiñones, Alfredo, Echedey, Herminio and lots more.. that was a good bday present.

So im posting my fight and few cool pics from the tournament, called Copa Buddha Sport.

And the pics here:

Purple belt heavyweight podium

We got 1st as a Team... Aranha forever!!Osss

Dandy style...with horns....haha

Finally Pewee got hair comments!