viernes, 30 de mayo de 2008


Ok, The Game concert got seems like the reason is that The Game wasnt allowed to leave the States due some legal problems, who knows, must be some gangsta shit,haha!

So as im dissapointed with that im gonna post the 3rd unrealeased version of "Flashing lights" from Kanye West. Still good but the original video is better and the girl ( RITA-G) on the clip is 10000 million times hotter! So Kanye knows whats the deal..hehe


jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

BJJ TECHINQUE OF THE WEEK: Guillotine from Butterfly guard

So i found this website with videos of several techiniques and i liked it. The instrusctor is Kurt Osiander (black belt brazilian jiujitsu). The techinique im posting tonight its more used for grappling than fighting with gi but you can still work it with the gi on, it would be done a bit different..
Anyways, we go for a guillotine (a very powerful choke) from the butterfly guard but Kurt also explains what happens if our opponent defends our attack and how should we react to keep our position and the choke to be able to submit our opponent.
Learn, practice and enjoy...


The Game friday night in Barcelona, be there.

NBA: where amazing happens

Boston Celtics make it, we are one step closer for the final. Just one more game and we will face the Lakers (probably).
Some pics from the last Celtics games...

i wanna go high


if you coming for us... should stay down

miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2008

Runnin' Gunnin' with W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E

OK its late and i should be sleeping already...and i know i will regret it tomorrow when ill be at the office with a huge sleepyface! Anyways im checking the Boston Celtics' game...and its a fair game for both i wish i could be there watching just like if i was Jack Nicholson for the Lakers, hehe!

So in the meanwhile im gonna show you a new version of the famouse Justice video -D.A.N.CE. (that i really thought it was good and fresh) but this one is done by WALE and the video is obviously called: W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E
you going to enjoy this one!!

And i also fell in love once again, i know its her for real!so give a look at my hot girl!!hollaaa!!

Nike just released their new Air Stab Premium Quickstrike named "Runnin' Gunnin'." The shoe features a mixture of premium black leather upper with black mesh. It has neon pink accents and a paint-splattered effect applied on the back sole. It also has a clear outsole with matching graphics on the left and right shoe that makes this Quickstrike stand out from the rest. Available now at Major.

MELTDOWN + BITTTER END + 50 LIONS very soon in Barcelona

Yeah, its true...x812x are proud to present this awesome show!
Next June 12th. Damage will be 6€ and it will start sharp 19.30h. Venue: Casal de Roquetes
Join us, have fun, dance, go wild...very soon!!


HOUSE OF THE WEEK VI: Casa Santander by A-CERO

Amazing house, with many interesting details and a good design.
Sometimes pictures speak louder than words so enjoy the images:


Last night: Lakers 93 - Spurs 91
So the Lakers are already 3-1, almost there, one more game to go to the finals as i said in a first time. Now my boys in Boston have to win tonight as they are 2-2 with Detroit and we have to go to the finals too against the Lakers (thats going to be a great playoff final!!)
So i hope tomorrow i can write a happy post about the Boston's victory!hehe

Pic from last night: Lamar Odom hitting it hard!


Some interesting and new stuff i saw lately while my friend Julio is on tour and partying around Norway and Sweden with our friends from philly KINGDOM (if you are into hardcore with attitude check them out for sure!),im sure they will have lots of fun.

Moreover, we celebrated TNT's birthday and that was also fun, hopefuly some retard pictures soon...

Acceleration is a digital prototype for a sofa by Copenhagen-based designer Phillis Grass.

It reminds me a mix of some F-1 car design and some Jumbo engine hanging on from the wing...not sure how much i dig it, but its interesting for sure.


New, fresh and not for dark or shy people...hehe

They very flashy but i dont think i like them so much.

This year, Oakley will be releasing a new color for the classic Frogskin frame every month. For this month, they will be dropping this beautiful Matte Neon Yellow frame which features the reflective mirror "fire" lenses. If you're into retro colors then these will definitely be up your alley. Don't miss out though because this color will never be produced again. Available now at Caliroots.

domingo, 25 de mayo de 2008


I just cant stop listenning to this song!its so good...and here you got the info of the new unrealesed version video of the song.

Kanye West's original Flashing Lights video which was co-directed by Spide Jonze along with Kanye himself, could be considered one of Kanye's most controversial music video. In it, Kanye is driven off into the desert by a women who bludgeons West to death for supposedly cheating on his girl and being caught by the paparazzi's "flashing lights". Here is a look at a new video for Flashing Lights which is much less violent but still portrays the essence of "Flashing Lights". In this video, you follow a girl (presumably a model) and her glitz and glamorous lifestyle which ends in nothing but tragedy.


viernes, 23 de mayo de 2008

BJJ TECHNIQUE OF THE WEEK: Kimura from side control

The Kimura is one of those techniques that are really painful and it also looks painful. You can do it from many angles but probably from the side control would be one the most painful options to make tap your oponent.
Moreover, in this video you can see how to get the kimura lock...from there you can also get a wrist lock (also super painful!!not allowed for whitebelts in competition), not in the video but just to know.
Learn, practice and enjoy...

HOT BABIES: Nike Carmine Running Pack

thats all i can say after checking out these hot babies!!the new Carmine running pack includes Air Stab and B Huarache models.
Bold red colors features prominently with purple, with a gradient effect going on as well.
If you ask me, i dig the Air Stab more than the Huarache, its more intense and looks better. So if you want to make me happy send it them to me. Mind note: size 12.

-The Air Stab:

-the Huarache:

jueves, 22 de mayo de 2008


You want to try a new type of relax?
Well here's your a new option. It looks super confy, relaxing and im sure you can figure out how to play with it if you have some good company.. hehe.You just need $7000!!
I know someone who would spend hours taking naps!!haha


Then take a look at this picture and maybe you will realize your day wasnt that bad!hehe

(thats Sakuraba's face after his fight with Ricardo Arona)

lunes, 19 de mayo de 2008


We did it, i knew it!!
Awesome last game, intense and fun! So Detroit now we are coming after you!!
Paul Pierce, 41 points!!
Today is a GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEN day!haha

viernes, 16 de mayo de 2008

BJJ TECHNIQUE OF THE WEEK : Arm bar transition to Omoplata

A new combo technique thats starts from the guard position looking for the arm bar but as always during the fight the techniques you try and practice never looks as clear as when you are here you have few different options looking for the arm bar, you can also go for the triangle or end up with a painful Omoplata

HOUSE OF THE WEEK V: Psychology university future project (Argentina)

This new project really got my attention!Very interesting development, nice and well design project. This should be the future psychology university in Buenos Aires (Argentina).
Designed by: DIEGUEZ FRIDMAN arquitectos & asociados

I feel to lazy to talk and write about it, so i guess its much better if we focus on the awesome images and the interesting blueprints. Hope you will like it as much as i do.
We will have to keep an eye on this one!


-PL 0

-PL 1

-PL 2

-PL 3


More images:

CHERRY POP by Jahan Loh

Here we go with an interesting artist i found through the net. I like the intense colors, obviously the sex context makes it more interesting and intense. I have to confess that the pic above really made my day.

Taiwan based Singaporean artist Jahan Loh has built up a strong resume with his full out imagery and work. His often sexually charged work takes to the stage for his upcoming debut solo show Cherry Pop kicking off this weekend.

More info: