domingo, 1 de junio de 2008

WEEKEND STUFF: Celtics, Weezer and Indi...

hey there,
its been a chillin' and kinda boring weekend...i went to visit my family and stayed with them for most of the weekend!i had a relaxed and peaceful time while most of my friends went to Primavera Sound fest that we all hate, but try to go anyway. Missed Public Enemy, De La Soul, Clipse and Subterranean time i guess!

In the other hand im happy becuase my predictions became true...NBA PLAYOFF'S 2008 FINAL: BOSTON CELTICS vs L.A. LAKERS!!
daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!!im super excited about this!its been ages since these two great teams played for an NBA final ring, its gonna be like the good old gold years with Larry Bird against Magic Johnson...but with new blood: Kobe Bryant, Fisher, Gasol...Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett. It cant get better than this!!hehe

Anyways, i am going to post the new WEEZER video. i just think its amazing, really cool..hehe, these guys did it again!!im sure you will enjoy this one!
The song is called "PORKS AND BEANS"

ps: oh i went to the movies to see the new Indiana Jones tonight, it was a wrong choice,sucks!!!

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