viernes, 13 de junio de 2008


Delicious blackberry on my mind. After a long and stressful week i got an awesome feeling about Blackberries. So exotic, silly, messy but so good at the same time!
I can have them for breakfast as delicious jam on crunchy toast...o even better as a fresh cold dessert as blackberry cheesecake...mmmmm!delicious!
The blackberry its like a glamorouse lady with two sides, the red one, pure passion and the black one all irony and why chosoe one when you know you want both sides!hehe...

No smoking allowed here thanx, just blackberries ice creams and big silly smiles!
Goodnight and thank you!

ps: the blackberry puts a huge smile on me!!i am excited!!
ps2: Post Soundtrack was:

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