martes, 13 de mayo de 2008


Hey everyone!
this post is to introduce you all the new fight system i started training that match perfectly with my brazilian jiujitsu training.
Welcome CLOSE COMBAT FIGHT SYSTEM to the family!!
Iven training only for a week but i dig it more and more, i actually cant wait to go training tonight!
Here is a picture of some of the family, there are some fighters missing in the pic and there a lot more soon to come:

CLOSE COMBAT its a fighting system created by Alex Delgado (bjj black belt) and Arthur Sanchez (Wing Tsun technic grade)
Our system fuses the standing Wing Tsun combat with the grappling, brazilian jiujitsu and Wrestling techiques for the ground.

CLOSE COMBAT is perfect for competitions as Submission, MMA or just self-defense. We fuse striking techniques and grappling ones and we also separate studients depending on the area they want to work/focus on.
Enjoy our team, learn, practice and enjoy...

ps: for more info and updates cick here:

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