martes, 15 de febrero de 2011


-The bronze medal, so proud and happy-
Last month i went to Lisbon for their anual European Bjj Championship, probably the most important tornament in Europe with the biggest names and the higher level on the mats. I have to say it was an amazing experience, thank to my team mates, friends and specially to Yan Cabral, my master.
-Aranha Team-
-In the podium with my bronze medal-
We went there and did a great perfomance, gold medals for our girls in the team and im super happy to share with you guys that i got my first Bronze Medal, i made 3rd in an important tournament such is this one. I made it 3rd on my Blue belt weightclass in the Master division.
I did 5 fights in total, felt great on the mat, calm and alive, choked some dudes out and lost by points to a friend. So its a new big step for me and my brazilian jiu jitsu "career"... some pics from Lisbon.

-One of my fights...setting up the lapel choke-

-At the Open class, i lost this fight agains the winner of the Open class-

-Spain got gold medal at the teams section purple belt -76kg, congratulations!!-

-Eric Satgé, faixa preta...Aranha pride-

-Home celebration-

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