jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009


I know i havent been updating that much...but here are a bunch of pics that will resume all the stuff ive been into for the past weeks, we had Halloween party at Buba's place, i turned 29 and i survived, and i even went to Bilbao to fight at a Open bjj Championship...
Halloween party at Buba's...silly outfits

Nice....italian-veggie bday dinner

My partner in crime, Masterpiece, celebrating the silver medal.

Aranha team...bjj bitches!!

Norma, my nº 1

2 comentarios:

xharekx33 dijo...

hey! ya me dijo mathias que mandaste saludos!

felicidades por el 2ª puesto! vente a pasar unos dias a madriz y a entrenar con nosotros ;)

Norma dijo...

hasta que se me caigan los dientes.