jueves, 9 de octubre de 2008


I love trainning!!i really do!!
its probably one of the few things right now that make me feel real good and happy!So im focus on that right now, gotta keep it harder and soon take it to a new level...but so far i coulndt be happier and proud of trainning with such a MMA team, good guys, aweseme fighters, techinical and most important most of them i consider them close friends!!
Here is a team pictures, props to Ramon and the team becuase im learning a lot!!In this pic we can see Nestor Cardona, a well known spanish fighter , professional kickboxer, that's helping our homies who are fighting in Kansas city this October on the M-1 Event!!

As this is the fighting week post im gonna show you 2 great videos!! One is a combination of ground technique how you go to a Omoplata but you fake it to change to a posible Gogoplata or even if that doesnt work you go to a Kimura or even an Americana lock....damn this move is complete

And the second video is from a Pride fight backstage were two known names meet and have some beef, its Charles"Krazy horse" Bennet against Cristiano Marcelo bjj blackbelt instructor for the famouse Chute Box...see how lights go off!!haha...awesome!!
You will enjoy this one for sure:

ps: notice how Bennet keeps punching but not causing any damage and then Marcelo without even hitting him goes to the triangle choke, funny to hear Wanderlei Silva "coaching": " Ja pegou volta pa dormir, apaga, apaga, apaga!!"

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chicosinsombra dijo...

brutal... por cierto que vuelve HOLYFIELD!!!

20 de dciembre contra el ruso... como en Rocky IV hahaha