miércoles, 23 de abril de 2008


What's wrong with me??
I've been in a weird mood for few weeks...i know why im feeling like this and i supposed to know how to get over them, too many thoughts messing with my mind lately. I need a change!!
Im feeling like if i was a character in the movie "Lost in Translation". Im Bill Murray with little energy for my daily stuff, not focused and im obviously not around Scarlett Johansson (i wouldnt be complaining then i guess..). I have no motivation for what im supposed to do, like if i was a robot doing the same old shit without thinking and its been too long becuase i wasnt like that!So here i go writing a few entries in my blog. This must be a scream, some rage and anger under a few "words" shape looking for the way out.
Change begins NOW!!

I also have been into this "desiRe's jail", but now its time to say goodbye desiRe, you were nice, intense and as every good thing has an end. It was amazing being in your jail for some time. Now you will be part of those dreams we once had, those secrets, those thoughts,those memories, just like when your favourite sweets are finnish and you still want more but it cant be, desiRe became memory...bye bye my favourtie desiRe, ill see you soon sometime...you will be missed.

Now just like if it was a catharsis is time to rise again from my knees, stand tall, holding my grown back on track...fearless and focus!

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